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Production & Manufacturing

Here at The Sampling Studio, we offer High-Quality services in a Competitive Pricing. 

We integrate technology with a craft. 


We aim in a minimum Waste Manufacturing and I:CO Recycling through a 
minimum waste digital & manual cutting system with final leftovers I:CO which are recycled.


We are an EU local Manufacturer. 
We support our local communities using expert crafts and people on fair wages.


We support sustainable and ethical manufacturing. 
All the packaging we are using is biodegradable. 

We are reducing our Carbon Footprint.
We ship via local drivers across Europe.


Our services include: 

  • Grading 

  • Pattern Digitalising 

  • Manufacturing

  • Digital Embroidery

  • Sublimation Prints

  • Heatpress Prints

  • Fabric Manipulation

  • Pleating

  • High QC

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